Berlinknits - Yarn Festival 2017 - 30.9. - 1.10.Berlinknits - Yarn Festival 2017 - 30.9. - 1.10.


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We are proud there will be twelve top-designer teaching different workshops at Berlin Knits.


Anke has always been a knitter but, for her, the turning point to making it her profession was discovering the Contiguous Method, developed by Australian Susie Myers, where a jumper is knitted in one piece without sewing up and with a superior fit. She spent time focusing on this technique, always in search of the perfect cut and fit and has developed it further to the so-called Slanted Contiguous and Dropped Contiguous method. What keeps her motivated to design is the endless possibilities that lie in a ball of wool. As she says: "The best project is always the next one."

Asa Tricosa

Åsa Söderman of Åsa Tricosa has knitted her way from Sweden via New York, Boston, Sussex, and Singapore, and now lives in Germany. She enjoys sharing her seamlessly clever top-down Ziggurat technique whenever possible, and likes to inspire knitters to knit sweaters and cardigans with confidence. The classes are held in English but you are welcome to ask questions in German! You can find Åsa's designs & knitting tips on Ravelry and at

Hanna Maciejewska

Hanna's grandmother taught her how to knit when she was a little girl. She knitted sweaters all the time in school — all her own creations — but only a few years ago realized that knitting and designing knitwear is truly her biggest passion. Since there are countless new ideas in her head at any given time. She prefers to construct her garments and accessories as smartly and seamlessly as possible to save time on  finishing and move on to the next idea. Nature and time spent in her garden provide Hanna with an abundance of inspiration, giving impressions and memories to draw upon later. Hanna is also the proud mother of a beautiful girl who sometimes draws things for her to knit. Find Hanna at or on Ravelry as hada131.

Isabell Krämer

Isabell creates everyday items for modern knitters. Loving the outdoors, she is heavily influenced by nature; and those who know her designs love her casual, contemporary pieces that all come with a little twist. A confessed stripe addict herself, she is also hooked on seamless construction; not because she doesn't like seaming (she is a fully qualified dressmaker after all), but because she loves to see garments take shape and being able to adjust the fit on the go. Although hugely successful as a knitwear designer, she says that the biggest accomplishment is her son (there is even a pullover named after him) - becoming a mother was the best thing that has happened to her, followed a close second by her husband of a few years and her three cats.

Joji Locatelli

Joji is an Argentine knitwear designer living and loving Buenos Aires.
She is a Mom of two boys, and a wife to a loving non-knitting husband. Her days go by dreaming of new knitting projects and, when she can, a little bit of travelling too.

She hopes to inspire you with her knitting patterns, a true reflection of what she loves to wear by herself. Draped fabrics, simple lines and lots of little details here and there.

LAINE Magazine

Jonna Hietala and Sini Ellen are the co-founders of Laine, a Nordic knit & lifestyle magazine. Their debut issue came out in December 2016 and has since inspired like-minded knitters all over the world. Together they are responsible for the aesthetics and photography of the magazine, known for its beautiful photography and strong, visual storytelling. Besides Laine, they both work as freelance photographers creating content for international clients.

Melanie Berg

Melanie lebt mit ihrem Mann und drei Kindern in Bonn, wo sie ihre Zeitdamit verbringt, in den Tag hinein zu träumen. Außerdem lebt sie ihreLeidenschaft für Wolle aus und kombiniert Farben und Formen zu immer wiederneuen, zeitlos schönen Designs.Ihr Ziel ist es, der Strickszene einen modernen Touch zu verleihen, unddas schafft sie mit Ideen, die lässig und zugleich alltagstauglich sind.
Ihre Designs werden von Magazinen in den USA und in Europaveröffentlicht.


This workshop is only available in german language.


Tausendmal erlebt: Dir läuft ein Pullover zum Verlieben über den Weg und macht nur Vorschriften: Dieses Garn, jene Nadeln, die vorgegebene Maschenprobe ist Pflicht; sonst funktioniert nichts...
Schon wieder neues Garn kaufen? Eigentlich willst du etwas mit deinem Lieblingsgarn machen, das in ausreichender Menge im Schrank liegt.
Deine Maschenprobe stimmt nicht mit der geforderten überein, egal was du unternimmst?
Strickfrust statt Strickspaß?

Ich gebe dir die ersehnte maximale Freiheit beim Stricken: dein Garn, deine Maschenprobe, deine Größe. Du strickst so fest oder locker wie du willst und kannst dich trotzdem darauf verlassen, dass
es funktioniert.
Mit dem Stempel »Maximale Freiheit« bekommst du bei mir einfache, klare Anleitungen, lässige Designs und durchdachte Konstruktionen, die mit jeder Garnstärke und jeder Maschenprobe
Schritt für Schritt führe ich dich von der ersten bis zur letzten Masche zu deinem neuen Kleidungsstück. Schemazeichnungen verdeutlichen, was als nächstes gemacht wird und wo es hinführen soll.


Rililie simply adores to play with yarn and colours. She sees herself as nothing more than a knitter that loves dreaming up garments and search for the exact golden middle between comfortable and chic. Because she is easily bored, she always needs to find new ways (or researching interesting old ones) to construct garments in a different way, so that both the object and the process are equally fun.

Susanne Sommer

Susanne Sommer - Sosu - is a passionate knitter and knitwear designer from Austria. She loves quick and easy projects, but her love of fingering weight yarn does not always go hand in hand with that. Sosu likes combining colors and textures with unusual construction methods to create colorful, practical and fun knitwear. Brioche,short-rows and i-cords some are her favorites and she thinks that no hand-knit wardrobe is complete without knit jewelry statement pieces.

Veera Välimäki

Veera Välimäki knits and designs in Finland, in a small village near Helsinki. She loves garter stitch and stripes, all kinds of short rows and has always too many projects on her needles. Veera wants to create modern designs that are great to wear year after year - but that are also fun to knit.


Marjan Hammink is a knitter/designer/journalist who lives in the Netherlands with her all-male family - the husband and their three sons. She's passionate about designing socks that speaks individuality.